30 mars 2011

Ca mérite un post.

(je devrais refaire mes catégories de blog...)   Korean singer Kim Jaejoong, member of K-pop trio JYJ and formerly of TVXQ, beat Justin Bieber to emerge as the year’s best celebrity on microblogging site Twitter. Jaejoong won the plum in the US-based 3rd Annual Shorty Awards held March 28 at the Times Center in New York City to honor the “best producers of short, real-time content” on Twitter. Jaejoong was not present during the awarding ceremony. The singer, who has 388,049 followers on Twitter, got 5,668 votes to beat... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2010

"tabarnak kessé ca?!" , 2e partie

Après la moutache de Kaoru....LA PERRUQUE D'HAN GENG!TABARNAK, KESSÉ CA?!Long Long? Rong Rong? Est-ce que c'est vous???(trop brun pour être un chinchilla, mais je prend pas de chances!)
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21 septembre 2010

When the King thinks like his Queen...

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16 septembre 2010


Un peu avant mon anniversaire, un sublime MV est sorti...Tellement sublime que mon blog en est basé, maintenant!!!Mizera's Mizery version 9.0 : You can't escape the Queen.Based on Han Geng's Queen
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21 juillet 2010

song of the day~

"Yo, it's meh, Han!"C'EST UN MV!!!Ne soyez pas traumatisés par ce croisement de Gackt et Adam Lambert avec un soupçon de Elvis...Han Geng - Fatal Attaction (The moth who is forever attracted to flames)
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15 juillet 2010


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05 juillet 2010

Song of the day... is going international~

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22 juin 2010

fangirl ranting....

about what?This:"What's this?"It's Geng's promotional poster for his set of two solo concerts in July.I won't rant on the picture, I disliked it until I saw THIS version, which is the HQ one, and that I realised that if he looks so thin and pale it's because he's FROZEN (look at the frost in his hair!) And he's also overly photoshopped.... (Noooo China is getting worse than Japan!!! *rushes to Heechul and Siwon, crying*NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT TO RANT ABOUT!I want to rant about the STUPID CHICKS on Allkpop...Okay, that... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2010

I'm not atheist, believe it or not....

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19 mai 2010

Here goes... macro of the day!

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