21 juin 2010

Song of the day!

Rien de sert de résister, je viens de me faire avoir à l'usure!AH CES CHOIS!
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25 janvier 2010

You Chois will be the end of me...

Kiriss!!! I WAS RIGHT! THERE IS A CHOI CONSPIRACY! THEY PLAN ON KILLING FANGIRLS! OMG THAT LOOK !(side note: JONGHOON-OPPA DAMMIT! DON'T GO KAORU-SAMA ON US! SHOW US YOUR EYES!) If it was only Leader-nim.. NO! Other Chois got into the conspiracy! like...fellow F.T Island member, Minhwan... SINCE WHEN CAN A MAGNAE BE THIS...GORGEOUS?! Oh, I was forgetting... This I shouldn't love but I can't stop myself... TOP! PIERCING STARE! I'll miss your long hair, Seunghyun-oppa! But... [Lire la suite]
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