3 months later, YES SHE IS BACK.


The past months have been so.... busy!


But now that I nearly don't have friends anymore, I have time!!!

They were terrible friends anyway... Me and them it was: I give give give and never get....
Or they hurt me all the time and the second I do a mistake everyone goes on "let's hate Mize'" mode.



Lady MiMi won't let herself be affected like that!!!


I'm a Queen, remember?

Petal Queen on top of that!

Everyone saw the new design?


Mizera's Mizery ver 12.0
featuring none other than Super Junior's flower:
Heechul oppa!

Damn oppa, been 3 days... I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!

 ....speaking of Chul oppa darling, I will do a little rant later on...


stay tuned?

Or come back?

(Yes, Geng bias still exist)