08 mai 2009

Mochi's Loves

....:¨¤ Queen Mizera ¤¨:....      Purple Line, let me set up my world     dit :    (Wait...Gackt on fire? BE CAREFUL HE'LL MELT!) ....:¨ ¤ Princess of Polyvalence ¤ ¨:....    ~The Super Evening was AWESOME!! (L)~ Gackt is on fire damnit O_O~ dit :   (omg, I didn't think of that Xd) ...:¨¤ Queen Mizera ¤¨:....      Purple Line, let me set up my world    dit :    ( You still have Siwon if he melts.... Siwon can be on... [Lire la suite]
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08 mai 2009

Mostly Dong Bang Shin Ki-colored.... the songs of the day

It has been the same songs ever since I'm up(what a brutal wake I got... you don't wanna know more about it, I swear XD) All DBSK!DAMN YOU HIME! LOOOOOL or should I damn you know who XD(I couldn't keep myself from doing that lame joke XD) So, in order, from the most listened to the less listened:1.PURPLE LIIIINE! (Jap ver.) U-KNOW'S SCHOOLGIRL HAIR! <3<3<<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I still can't believe how much at song fits with me.... and....PURPLE!!!!but...Micky's the only one who... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2009

Toune du moment~

Zhang Li Yin - Wrongly Given Love Ça m'a tout pris pour la trouver, j'ai le titre original (en mandarin) dans mon ordi =_=Le mec chante comme Han Geng chante en coréen XD (oui, la voix de Geng est différente en coréen qu'en mandarin) oh et... LI YIN EST TELLEMENT BELLE <3
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21 avril 2009


Je la dédie a mes deux inséparables et surtout a celle des deux qui m'a rendue accro a DBSK: English translation: When I close my eyes, the quiet sounds which are audible,Your feelings, your small thoughts I’m sorry, I’m sorry; I couldn’t hear you due to the unnecessary sounds of my heartThe times of tears is now history, don’t worry, because You’re my melody; I’ll perform you, on & on,You’re my song, my life’s soundtrack,I love you, for you brighten up my life’s stage,I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song ... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2009

Purple Line fits my new way of thinking so muuuch~!

GOD I LOVE IT!English translation:Now I see this wayIt looks like purple lineGotta introduce myselfIf I cannot touch the worldIf it cannot be shown even to meHow will I understand that I was wrong?Really wanna get in touch with myselfI cannot even hope for a miracleIf that’s sincerity, I must act again Right NowPurple line, let me set up my worldWhere no one has walked this wayNow,  with my brand new plan, no one can follow meThe thing I want to see my progressionand even if all my faith goes up in flamesI’m going to fight it to... [Lire la suite]
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